Richard Iwaki
Tokyo Bayside

プロフィール: Epicurean deprived of the soul by delicious food and worldly desires. It thinks that the duty as a success or a businessman will also be fulfilled on the other hand, and "work" is taken, "delicious food" is taken, or it is in trouble between worldly desires. calling pleasing "silver tableware" and a "crystal" "saving", and purchasing them frequently -- beauty -- not attaching a fine line to gold or a labor, in order to eat a tasting thing etc. -- the -- a bottom is not visible to the way of thinking and action until he is impudent. Although it is poor at a troublesome thing, a luxury life is grown up with the direction of delicious food. When especially pleasing semi-gourmet is faced, it has a peculiarity in which the sweet potato wakes up. A wise man can hear profit in the wind.




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